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The international city.people.light awards

The city.people.light award was created in 2003 by Philips and LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) to reward cities that are attempting to rehumanize the urban environment through light and exploring ways to maximize energy efficiency, improve sustainability and livability to become a vibrant city for citizens and visitors.

city.people.light video 2013

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city.people.light video 2013

Awards 2013

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Awards 2013

Awards 2013

LUCI partnership

Building a team to simply enhance our urban environment with light.
The city.people.light award is an annual competition which is run in conjunction with the Lighting Urban Community International Association (LUCI).


Smart Cities
Smart Cities
The latest thinking of lighting your city.
10 years city.people.light anniversary
Valladolid Rivers of Light, Spain.

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