Mirroring the billboards

of New York’s Times Square

VEGAS Crocus City


VEGAS Crocus City is a 340,857 sq yd (285,000 sq m) shopping mall and entertainment complex located in Moscow, Russia. The five-story mall is a cornerstone of Russia's retail industry, placing Moscow on par with the industries of Abu Dhabi, New Delhi and Istanbul.

We aimed to build
a shopping mall

which would not have an equivalent in Russia. The media facade and lighting decoration to resemble Times Square reveal remarking opportunities for commercial application and for guests' entertainment.”


- Emin Agalarov, vice-president of Crocus City Group

Customer Challenge


Crocus City Group partnered with Philips Lighting in Russia to realize an imaginative lighting project that would be the first and largest of its kind in Russia: transforming Vegas Crocus City's media facade into a vibrant, polychromatic spectacle mirroring the iconic digital billboards of New York City's Times Square.

The right lighting


To fulfill this vision, iColor Flex LMX gen 2 nodes from Philips Color Kinetics were mounted on Vegas Crocus City's ventilated facade. The nodes, capable of displaying over 16 million colors, can be programmed with a remarkably wide range of media content and managed from a single location. This enables the media facade to easily generate text, images and color effects for decorative, entertainment or commercial purposes such as broadcasting online sports coverage and other news events.

Since Vegas Crocus City's unveiling in June 2014, the installation's diverse lighting capabilities have given the mall's retail businesses a major competitive edge, drawing consumers inward with its cheerful, vivid appearance.

Above all, the lively setting produced by the media façade's brilliant illumination generates pride for the city of Moscow, demonstrating on a global scale the growth of Russian business and local expertise.

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Vegas Mall,
Time Square

The Team

Crocus City Group


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