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Shanghai Xing Hui Seedling Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Xing Hui Seedling Co. Ltd is a high tech agricultural company under the Bright Food Group. It uses the latest American technology and it is specialized in tissue culture. The lab of its biotechnology center currently has an 800 m² workplace, where gerbera and some other crops are produced.

LED lighting

improves the quality of tissue seedlings

and reduces the tissue culture cycle, increasing production efficiency as regards time.”


- Fang Wenxia, Production Director

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The challenge


In order to maintain its competitive advantage in the market, Xing Hui Seedling must support innovation and use advanced production facilities to promote efficiency and quality. Lighting and environmental control account for a large proportion of power usage in its production process. It aimed to increase efficiency and reduce power usage, while maintaining the plant quality.

The right lighting 

In 2014 Xing Hui Seedling started using the Philips GreenPower TLED in a part of its lab. Using this, the production fully realized Xing Hui Seedling’s hopes and the targets it aimed for. Therefore, it decided to install LED lighting in the entire lab. Since March 2016 it has used Philips’ latest product, the Philips GreenPower LED Tissue Culture Module.

Xing Hui Seedling found out that the energy usage of Philips LED lighting is much less than the energy usage of fluorescent lighting. It has a longer useable life and the light does not fade much. The LEDs also do not produce much heat, which keeps the temperature constant. Because of this and the even light distribution, the plants grow at the same rate and the quality is consistent. Since the use of Philips LED lighting, Xing Hui Seedling’s power usage decreased by 40%.

The LEDs that Xing Hui Seedling uses have a red and white formula. The red light is beneficial for the growth of the plants, while the white light makes work easier by providing a good degree of color. Further, the integrated and compact design made it easy to increase the number of production layers, allowing Xing Hui Seedling to use its space more efficiently.
Philips GreenPower TLED

Philips GreenPower TLED

The TLED offers an efficient alternative in tissue culture to traditional fluorescent lamps.

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Philips GreenPower LED TC

Philips GreenPower LED TC

The energy-efficient design saves up to 40% compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. Only available in China.

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Improve plant

The Team

Shanghai Xing Hui Seedling Co. Ltd


Shanghai Tissue Culture Biotechnology

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