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Shandong D&F Agriculture Co,



Shandong D&F Agriculture Co., Ltd. is a modern andprofessional seed and seedling breeding enterprise thatcombines tissue culture seedling development,propagation, production, and sales. In cooperation withthe U.S. and the Netherlands, the company specializes inplant tissue cultures.

Shandong Vivi

We firmly believe that

LED lighting

is the emerging trend in tissue culture production, vertical farms and indeed for all agricultural facilities."

- Wang Xiao Fei, Vise General Manager of Production

Shandong Vivi

The challenge


D&F aims to provide customers with high-quality tissueculture seedlings. To maintain their strong competitiveposition in the Chinese and international market, thecompany continuously pursues innovation and spares noexpense in acquiring the latest equipment and technologyto efficiently produce high-quality nursery stock.

Shandong Vivi

The right lighting


In the course of D&F’s technical cooperation withViVi (Visser, Vitroplus), they saw the successful applicationof Philips LED plant lighting in Vitro Plus. Tissue culture labsthat use LED lighting produce high-quality tissue cultureseedlings, while consuming much less energy. This made aWe firmly believe that LED lighting is the emergingtrend in tissue culture production, vertical farms andindeed for all agricultural facilities”Wang Xiao Fei, Vice General Manager of ProductionShandong D&F Agriculture Co., Ltd.deep impression on D&F’s technical staff.


D&F is deeply impressed with the professional, highlyefficient LED lighting solutions provided by Philips.“Initially, we learned that Philips had begun to successfullyapply its light recipe experience in several large-scaletissue culture enterprises. The large-scale success of thisapplication in the Vitro Plus company impressed us most.”These light recipes not only include light spectrum ratiosand light intensities, but also installation suggestions andlighting durations.


“After we began using Philips LED lightformulas in our tissue culture labs, they perfectly met ourexpected targets. to visibly improve seedling quality interms of tissue culture nursery stock growth conditions androbustness; to use LED lighting to greatly reduce energyconsumption; and to increase the usable space in ourtissue culture labs and improve our utilization of this space.

production module

Philips GreenPower LED production module


The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.


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LED use reduced

energy consumption

The Team

Shandong D&F Agriculture Co., Ltd



ViVi (Visser, Vitroplus)

Philips LED Horti Partner

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