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Produce new vegetable 
varieties with LEDs

BASF,  's Gravenzande, The Netherlands


Present on all continents, BASF produces over 1,200 seed varieties across 24 vegetable crops, including lettuce. Its breeding programs deliver innovative cultivars, which in turn help improve their customers’ business growth and profitability.

Peter Does, Account Manager Hydroponic Lettuce, Bayer

We need to develop
new varieties

that allow our customers to exploit LEDs to the fullest”


- Peter Does, Account Manager Lettuce

Bayer, 's Gravenzande, The Netherlands
Peter Does, Account Manager Hydroponic Lettuce, Bayer

Customer challenge


In recent years, more hydroponic growers have begun using LED to accelerate crop growth and improve the quality of yields during winter. To help its customers remain competitive, BASF has to adapt its lettuce varieties to meet the requirements of hydroponic systems that use LEDs.

Bayer, 's Gravenzande, The Netherlands

The right lighting


Philips LED Horti Partner Light4Food helped BASF gain experience using LEDs to grow lettuce in its greenhouse. The first results were promising, so BASF decided to equip the entire greenhouse with Philips GreenPower LED toplighting, which produces a light intensity of 110 µmol/m2/s. A light intensity that corresponds with the light level of BASF's customers.

Does: “We are always looking for more efficient ways to improve our breeding process so we can bring improved varieties to the market as fast as possible. With the LED lighting solution we are able to screen more varieties per season, which accelerates the process of finding the right varieties.


Before we used LEDs in this greenhouse, we could only do one round of crops in the winter, which took 12 to 13 weeks. Now we can cut that growing time in half."

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


A Philips LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.

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Screen more varieties





Lettuce and leafy greens


's Gravenzande, The Netherlands


Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


Good fit with market demand

Faster screening process

Improved colaration red lettuce

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