Emmen City Center Renovation Project

Emmen - The Netherlands

Emmen is an open, green city located on the Hondsrug ridge in the province of South-east Drenthe.


It is made up of one central core and 13 villages, and has approximately 100,000 residents. It represents the largest concentration of industrial activity and glasshouse horticulture in the north of the Netherlands. Tourism and leisure activities are important sources of income. 

One of the challenges for the Emmen City Center Renovation Project as a whole was how to bring about a metamorphosis in a busy and very built-up urban area. 

The lighting concept for the project helps to give the city a distinctive image in the evening and at night. The main aim was to promote one consistent identity and to give Emmen’s updated city center greater appeal during the day, in the evening and at night. As well as focusing on functional lighting, it was also important to devote attention to the aesthetic image of the city at night. With the creation of atmospheric public spaces for residents and visitors, the city center has become a more appealing place for people to spend time. 

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