StoreSet Evo

StoreSet Evo, Xtra (lm/W and lifetime), 59 W, 575x196 mm, 8900 lm, 3000 K, Wireless, Interact Ready, Wide beam, Clear, Black

SM515T 90S/830 WIA WB BK HE

Product Description

Xtra (lm/W and lifetime), 575x196 mm, Plastic, Black, Wireless driver Interact System ready, 8900 lm, 59 W, 150 lm/W, 3000 K, (0.43, 0.40) SDCM<3, Wide beam, Clear, Polycarbonate, Finger-protected, 0.2 J standard, Safety class I, Track

Order code: 910505102675
Full order code: 872016958633800