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A wide range of applications

The portfolio includes a range of beam shapes and lumen packages to enable you to define the right level of light intensity. From a narrow beam to create a strong accent, to an oval beam for an optimal effect on fresh food counters. All with greater rotational flexibility thanks to the repositioned hinge.
With complete control over the lighting features, you can choose a solution that is the perfect match for different locations and stores. The range of flux packages give you the freedom to use StyliD Evo for small convenience formats and supermarkets.
a wide range of applications

Exchangeable optics and accessories

Updating or optimizing your store layout is easy too. Simply update your StyliD Evo’s optics and/or optical accessories to suit the new destination or function in store. This means you can keep reusing StyliD Evo throughout store refreshments, so your store ambiance is always up to date, with minimal effort, downtime and cost.
stylid evo compact exploded

OptiShield protection

To ensure StyliD Evo has the longest lifetime in store, all our luminaires are particle proof. For example, in departments where insects could be attracted to fresh food and bright light sources, OptiShield prevents insects from getting into the optical compartment and compromising its spotless look and feel.