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1. Interact Retail Scene management


Our easy-to-commission control system allows you to adapt lighting settings in different zones of your store via a user-friendly web-based app. Create a differentiated shopper experience that reinforces your brand and builds customer loyalty, make food look more attractive while aiding its preservation with LED fresh food recipes and create lighting scenes for events, seasons or promotional activities. Learn more about Interact Retail Scene management on Interact Retail web page.

Interact Retail Scene management

2. Maxos fusion backbone


Our future-proof lighting grid allows flexibility for tomorrow's store. You have the  the freedom to position and reposition the lighting at a simple click in the luminaire without any constraint at the trunk. You can also add additional hardware, such as sensors, at any location. It is ready to be connected to our Interact Retail IoT software.

Maxos fusion backbone

3. CustomCreate pendant, ultimate flexibility and customizability


CustomCreate is an affordable and customizable system, which allows you to change the appearance of your store without any major refurbishment. You can tailor the luminaire with various shade colors and textures and create a truly personalized look. Use the product in conjunction with our fresh- food lighting recipes for LED and you can enhance displays even more – giving meat, fish and vegetables a more appealing appearance

Circular lighting products for retail

4. StyliD Evo, the ultimate in retail flexibility and performance


StyliD Evo is designed to maximize return on investment by offering outstanding flexibility and performance. Not only can it be used in a wide range of retail applications, it can also be reused time and time again – whenever your store is refreshed. And to extend its store lifetime even further, the optical compartment has a particle-proof shield to retain the luminaire’s clean looks for longer.

Circular lighting products for retail