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    Philips Service tag
    for outdoor applications

    Philips Service tag


    LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend due to the high level of light quality and energy efficiency of LED technology. But maintenance of LED luminaires is more complex as of as conventional. It requires different competences and processes. Yet the pressure for rapid fault finding and repair increases due to safety and efficiency reasons.

    In order to be able to identify all individual products, service tag as a unique QR based identification system is placed on all next generation Philips luminaires, poles and boxes they are delivered in

    service tag video

    Use cases

    Late Stage Configuration


    Late Stage Configuration delivers a flexible on-demand configuration and installation as feature to Philips Prof. Outdoor Luminaires in Europe.
    As the pre-defined factory settings are open for customization, it brings customer flexibility to configure the luminaire right at the venue to fit the best lighting requirements.


    Customer benefits:

    • No ordering complexity and logistic constraints coming with the diversity of led versions.
    • Flexibility to tune luminaires to get the best ratio between lighting requirements and energy savings.
    • Maintenance of luminaires is preserved, as all configured luminaire information is *stored in the cloud *using Service Tag app.

    Success stories

    the Netherlands 

    As a future thinking municipality, the city of Doetinchem is always open to test new innovations brought to the market and discover new ways to improve their operations. And this time Rob Crop, Policy Officer outdoor lighting at the Municpilaity of Doetinchem, wanted to learn more about the value, the Philips Service tag can bring to the city, and how it can help their installer partner, Zuit install luminaires faster, do quicker troubleshooting and spare part identification and even programming on the spot.


    Watch the video and learn how the Service tag has been helping the city of Doetinchem improve their operations .


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