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    Maxos fusion
    Unmatched flexibility and quality of light for tomorrow's store

    Maxos fusion - The right light for retail stores    

    In addition to helping you save on energy costs and improve sustainability, Maxos fusion gives you the power to design a store concept with a customizable ambience. Use the Maxos fusion trunking system as the flexible backbone enabling you to update according to new store layouts or trends in a very efficient way. Thanks to the combination of the trunk with the family of fixtures - including spots and non-linear - you can efficiently and in a non-disruptive way update your store lighting to match new concepts.


    Flexible layouts

    The adaptable new lighting system is fast to install, reposition and maintain. You have the freedom to click the lighting unit along the line so it can be easily positioned and re-configured.


    Merchandise sparkles

    Our new range of optics has been specially designed to create beautiful ambiences in retail environments. The pleasant, diffuse light makes all the merchandise on display sparkle with quality. With a CRI of 80+ it brings out the best in every color and texture to enhance your store experience and ensure shoppers stay for longer. Maxos fusion provides comfortable light that is easy on the eye.


    Future proof

    Maxos fusion is also a carrier of connectivity. As the Internet of Things becomes an integral part of the retail experience, it is ready to collect data and can use the infrastructure to send data - even to your shoppers. The trunking is ready to be connected to lighting systems such as Interact Retail Scene management to create dynamic lighting and increase savings further. Interact Retail Indoor navigation brings the power of GPS right into your store.

    Your own retail toolkit - Start building your retail toolkit using Maxos fusion as the foundation

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    It would be impossible to design a unique store ambience using only one light source. That’s why Maxos fusion can be connected with a wide range of projectors and non-linear luminaires that enable you to create a unique and engaging store ambience. Whilst linear lighting like Maxos fusion helps customers find their destination, clever combinations of line and accent lighting can create the kind of ambience that gives them a reason to stay in store longer and buy more.


    Highlight products

    You can use accent lighting to make your merchandise really stand out, and drive increased sales. Our accent lighting portfolio includes different beam shapes and lumen packages, allowing you to define the right level of intensity, from a narrow beam to create a strong accent to a wide beam for a softer lighting result.


    Create different ambiences

    Accent lighting can enrich the store experience by creating a unique atmosphere with greater contrast. It can also guide your customers through the store, for instance attracting them to different sections at different times of the day.

    Emphasize zones in the store

    Combining linear lighting with accent lighting gives you the flexibility to create different light scenes and zones. You can easily aim the light where you want it so that merchandise stands out in any type of layout. Each zone can have its own lighting mood thanks to different color temperatures, dedicated LED recipes, and different contrasts and beams. You can also consider adding architectural lighting such as pendants, soft pastel colored up-lights, plinth lighting, and alcove or shelf lighting. This creates an even more distinctive atmosphere to grab the attention of customers and attract them to different areas of the store.

    Discover lighting design inspiration with Maxos fusion


    Using our expertise in lighting and trunking, and building on the features and benefits of the original Maxos range, we’ve improved the optics even further.

    We’ve created a range of optics that are specifically designed for retail applications and geometries including wide, medium, narrow, asymmetric, 4 double-asymmetric versions and diffuse. This allows you to tailor the ambience to your exact requirements, from creating strong shelf attraction to creating a uniform light with mild contrast between the horizontal and vertical planes. Suitable for low ceilings up to 5 meter height.
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