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Food production

Maxos fusion complies with international food safety standards which means:

  • Particles can’t fall out of the Maxos fusion trunking and dust and moisture will not accumulate in the lighting unit, thus maintaining hygienic conditions.
  • No loose components and no glass in the lighting installation for optimized food safety.
  • Reduced power load compared to traditional systems (up to a factor of 2.5) ensures food production processes are not influenced by the lighting installation.
  • Easy to clean lighting equipment.

Warehouse and logistics

  • Maxos fusion offers a high degree of flexibility to mount and reposition luminaires anywhere along the line. This accommodates tenant changes or
  • Change in usage very easily.
  • Appropriate optics for areas with very high ceilings and narrow aisles provides the right lighting for employees and creates excellent visibility, and a safe environment in any type of warehouse.