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    Maxos fusion
    Guaranteed performance, thinking ahead

    Maxos fusion - Unmatched flexibility and quality of light for tomorrow's store



    Creating a safe environment is the first priority for industrial spaces. Now you can comply with industry regulations at the same time as maximizing the value of your investment with Maxos fusion.


    Excellent TCO

    If you’re looking for a general lighting solution with excellent performance, Maxos fusion offers a high level of great energy savings and minimum maintenance costs over a long and reliable lifetime.


    Comply with regulations

    Maxos fusion meets all the relevant norms for industry applications. It delivers high lux levels at the required color temperatures with a CRI of 80+ and glare factors. Option to be connecting emergency lighting option, IP54 rate and the silicone free features provide you with a totally compliant lighting scheme.


    Quality of light 

    Unlike conventional fluorescent installations, Maxos fusion provides outstanding quality of light. The light distribution is highly uniform without artefacts. And thanks to the wide variety of optics you can direct the light to precisely where it is required.


    Freedom of positioning

    The adaptable new lighting system is fast to install, easy to reposition and maintain. You have full freedom to click the lighting unit along the line so it can be easily positioned and re-configured resulting in reduced downtime and the costs associated with layout changes. With up to 13 wires, it can also handle all electrical emergency lighting schemes.


    Future ready

    To get more out of your lighting, you can connect Maxos fusion to GreenWarehouse. enabling you to define your own lighting zones, set dimming levels and plan lighting patterns using motion sensors and lighting controls.


    Maxos fusion is also a carrier of connectivity. The trunking is ready to be connected to lighting system and software applications such as Interact Industry to optimize efficiency, maximize energy savings and improve productivity and safety.

    The right light for industrial applications


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