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1. Beautiful Bread & Pastries

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread and rolls, still warm from the oven. Lighting can give them even more appeal. Fresh food champagne LED luminaires makes bread look crisp, appetizing and impossible to resist. 
Beautiful Bread & Pastries

2. Magnificent Sliced Meat 

Research shows customers prefer meat with a rich, saturated color. The challenge is, the more light you shine on it, the quicker it discolors and loses its appeal. Our fresh food rose LED luminaires have been specially developed with retailers and meat specialists to enhance the redness of meat and slow down discoloration, which means less waste.


Learn more in our white paper. 


3. Rich, creamy cheese

The fats in cheese are what give this delicious food its richness, but they’re also problematic. When cheese is exposed to light, the fats begin to oxidize – first altering appearance and then damaging the taste.  Our Fresh food champagne recipe beautifully displays this delicate foodstuff while also maintaining peak freshness and quality. 

4. Perfect Potatoes

Light plays an important role in the greening of potatoes: when stored properly in the dark, no greening occurs. Of course, that’s not possible in a supermarket. Our light recipe can help keep potatoes at their freshest.

5. In-store Herb Garden

What says “fresh” more than herbs grown right in your store? Our pink lighting recipe is optimized for growing herbs and vegetables in-store and our white one is best for sustaining taste, color and nutrient content while showing them in their true colors.

6. Fabulous Fish

Gleaming fish that looks like it’s just come from the sea. That’s the effect you can create with fresh food frost LED lighting with natural, cool settings.

7.      Fantastic Fruits & Vegetables


Well-lit produce presented in a way consistent with your customers’ expectations can improve sales by as much as 3.5% in a supermarket’s fresh produce department.