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    Ultimate flexibility and customizability

      A new way of thinking - changing consumers values

      The age of the circular economy has now arrived. Our environment is under more pressure than ever before and it’s projected that we will use three planets’ worth of natural resources by 2050. A new economic model is needed, which restores and regenerates by design. One that can also save up to $1 trillion in materials every year.

      More and more shoppers are thinking of the environment when they make their purchasing decisions. They are prepared to pay a fair price for what they consume and want to feel they’re reducing their carbon footprint.
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      Expecting more from retailers

      As long as stores can offer an experience which is fun, interactive and up-to-date, 82% of millennials still prefer the idea of a physical shopping experience.
      Even in the age of online purchases, we all have a desire to see, touch and even smell products in the real world.
      The challenge for retailers is to create a memorable in-store experience that simply can’t be matched on the web. And the way a store looks has a major impact on the way they feel about your brand.
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      Introducing CustomCreate 

      personalize your appealing in retail


      CustomCreate is an affordable and customizable system, which allows you to change the appearance of your store without any major refurbishment

      Custom Create - personalize your appealing in retail
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      Customizable to your needs
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      Easy to replace
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      superior light quality
      Superior light quality
      recyclable for the circular economy icon image
      Recyclable for the circular economy

      Tailor your CustomCreate pendant in four easy steps

      Our seven-step guide
      to changing a pendant

      Enhance your brand with sustainable solutions

      CustomCreate can be designed to match every desired ambience. Improve the customer experience and unlock new branding opportunities by printing your logo and advertising your brand. Designs can be quickly updated or changed so your venue remains current and interesting.

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      Environmental Product Declaration
      Environmental Product Declaration