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    Create a unique
    city identity

    Instill civic pride, attract tourists, and increase commerce

    An increasing number of the world’s leading cities are forging a unique identity by lighting important landmarks to create inspiring visual experiences. When combined with remote programming, innovative LED lighting can be quickly adjusted to transform your city’s appearance. Dynamic, colorful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics helps stimulate commerce and tourism and serves as a source of pride for citizens. Additionally, your project can be IoT-enabled with connected luminaires that help you harness the power of smart technology using Interact Landmark.

    Explore the possibilities

    Add sparkle to your city and show off in style

    Big structures. Even bigger impact. Color that changes your city

    Digital controls and authoring software transform environments and bring them alive

    Remote monitoring and content delivery create vibrant city atmospheres

    Color Kinetics


    Color Kinetics delivers high-performance professional LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels – empowering lighting professionals around the world to achiever their unique visions.

    Color Kinetics

    Interact Landmark


    Monitor, manage and program dynamic architectural lighting using Interact Landmark software and system architecture. We make it easy to create and trigger light shows from anywhere, while simplifying maintenance to protect your investment.

    Interact Landmark

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