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    PerfectScene fitting room


    Fitting room lights that turn shoppers into buyers

    Help shoppers make the right buying decisions

    60% of buying decisions happen in the fitting room*. Improve conversion and customer satisfaction at this vital decision moment with PerfectScene fitting room lighting to create a great customer experience.


    PerfectScene also provides an optional customer control panel that lets customers change the fitting room mirror lights to simulate conditions where they plan to wear the garment – in daylight, at home or on a night out. The color temperature of the lighting adjusts automatically to give an accurate impression, leading to more informed decisions and fewer returns.

    *House of Fraser, Oxford Street, London UK

    PerfectScene fitting room benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s PerfectScene fitting room lighting can show shoppers how clothing will look in different environments
    Save on energy

    Improve shopper’s experience

    Appealing fitting room lighting eliminates distracting shadows for a more accurate and positive impression of clothing.

    Save on energy

    Empower and engage customers

    With customer lighting controls, it’s easier for shoppers to visualize garments at a chosen occasion or setting, such as the beach, office or party.

    Save on energy

    Increase customer satisfaction

    Reduce returns by helping shoppers make the right decision in store.

    Save on energy

    Upgrade fitting room lights easily

    Our plug-and-play design fits 95% of fitting rooms.

    What’s possible with Perfectscene fitting room


    PerfectScene fitting room helps shoppers make the right buying decision every time.

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