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    PerfectScene dynamic window


    Shop window lighting with proven stopping power

    Create captivating dynamic shop windows  

    Your shop window is your five-second pitch to passing shoppers. Give yours stopping power with PerfectScene dynamic window. Changing light scenes in shop windows are proven to drive shopper engagement and increase footfall.
    Research shows that when shop window lighting changes, shoppers react, with 11% more stopping and up to 19% more entering the store*. PerfectScene dynamic window lets you optimize your storefront with dimmable shop window lights designed to capture customers’ attention. Centralized control of all your windows and display areas means creating the perfect retail experience has never been easier.
    *Research conducted by EIT Digital, Politecnico di Milano and Philips At Eral55
    Dynamic Shop Window lighting installation at Eral 55 by Philips Lighting

    PerfectScene dynamic window benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s PerfectScene dynamic window: store window lights that stop customers in their tracks
    Save on energy

    Increase your store’s stopping power

    Boost sales with changing lighting scenes that capture shoppers’ attention, and bring more shoppers into the store. 

    Save on energy

    Capture attention with lighting effects

    Highlight hero products so customers notice them instantly – plus create different effects by combining luminaires from our dimmable accent range.

    Save on energy

    Excite shoppers with new displays

    Control multiple store window lights and display lighting easily through a single control system – even create your own lighting scenes rapidly on a mobile app.

    What’s possible with PerfectScene dynamic window


    PerfectScene dynamic window lets you use the power of light to make your displays more eye-catching and your store more appealing.

    How PerfectScene works

    PerfectScene combines market-leading track and recessed luminaires with a scalable control system. By choosing the specific components that best fit your space and your requirements, you can create a dynamic shop window with stopping power.
    Philips Lighting’s wireless intuitive user interface: Dynalite control system

    Dynalite control system

    With an easy to use and intuitive user interface, this wireless application lets you update content in real-time with up to 16 dynamic scenes for your shop window.
    TrueFashion - The best quality of light in miniaturized design


    These luminaires are equipped with a very narrow beam to precisely highlight products in your shop window and draw attention to specific items.
    Philips Lighting’s StylID store window LED lights provide high quality lighting for dynamic shop windows


    With its modular design, variable beam and onboard dimming, StyleID gives you maximum flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your shop window.

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