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    OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab


    Re-think the ceiling

    “The ceiling becomes the light,
    The light becomes the ceiling.”

    You asked us to re-think the ceiling, so we did. Now it’s a blank canvas awaiting your vision. Our revolutionary OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab is an impressive ultra-thin and compact standard unit that liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design so you’re free to pursue uncluttered minimalistic visions – and transform any interior into one cohesive space with beautiful homogeneous light. The result is a ceiling unit with an amazing light effect without seeing the light source.
    The ceiling becomes the light, the light becomes the ceiling.

    OneSpace prefab benefits at a glance

    Make a design statement with Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab panels and transform any interior
    Save on energy

    Homogeneous light

    Homogeneous dimmable light which feels as good as it looks. Light output of 3,200 lm/m2 (300 lm/ft2) to make it even more versatile.

    Save on energy

    Look and feel

    Available in 3,000 K and 4,000 K and in a tunable white version with a range of 2,700 tot 6,500 K.

    Save on energy

    Modular design

    Minimum dimensions of the panel: 900 x 900 mm (3 x 4 ft for US) and 1,800 x 3000 mm (6 x 10 ft), in increments of 300 mm/1 ft.

    Save on energy

    Sensory enhancing

    OneSpace prefab delivers bright uniform glare-free LED light combined with textile. It even enhances room acoustics by reducing disturbing sound reflectors.

    Save on energy

    Simply smarter

    OneSpace prefab is simple to install and easy to maintain.
    It also integrates perfectly with your building management system.

    What’s possible with OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab


    Perfect for retail, hospitality, museums, public areas like airports, train stations and for offices, OneSpace prefab ceiling panels provide uniform, glare-free light and acoustic comfort while eliminating ceiling clutter.

    How it works


    OneSpace Luminous ceiling prefab panels can be easily integrated with existing architecture and are available in a large range of sizes (standard and modular) to meet your specific requirements. Simply mount using the wire kit. The ceiling panel controls can be easily integrated in your building management system, e.g. via a gateway or dry-contact interface. 

    Philips Lighting’s ultra-thin OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab panel come in 6 standard sizes.

    Range of available sizes

    Please download the inspirational folder below with all available sizes and specifications.
    Mount your luminous ceiling panels in the way that best suits your design vision with the standard included wire kit

    Mounting wire kit

    Mount your luminous ceiling panels in the way that best suits your design vision with the standard wire kit. Silver steel wire with height adjustment, min 100 mm, max 2000 mm. (not standard included).


    An e-box, mounted on the back of the panel which contains the drivers and the DALI or
    0-10V connector.

    Case studies


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    for questions and inquiries. 

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