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    Make a design statement
    Bring Spaces To Life

    Are you interested to find out more about Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells and OneSpace luminous ceiling?

    Large Luminous Surfaces

    Large Luminous Surfaces is a source of inspiration. We bring large surfaces like walls and ceilings to life with ambient and functional lighting solutions. Flexible design elements enable (interior) architects to integrate our light emitting walls and ceilings in their unique designs. We contribute to business creation with meaningful solutions and innovations that matter to you.

    Our products at a glance

    Philips configurable and high-quality lighting solutions

    Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells - Bring Spaces To Life

    Create breathtaking interior spaces with one solution. Luminous textile integrates multi-coloured LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. A concept that gives you endless ways to play with colour, movement, texture and light. So you can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces to life.
    Philips configurable and high-quality lighting solutions

    Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells  - Soft Content - Soft Sound - Soft Touch

    Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells is a configurable, high quality, unique and innovative lighting system that provides the possibility to make a design statement and creates meaningful spaces that enhances the atmosphere and improves acoustics.
    Large luminous surfaces - download content manager

    Soft Content

    Create stopping power for your shop, turn your restaurant into an intimate place or change the perspective of time in a waiting room. With the right content on your luminous textile panel it is possible.

    Download the Content Manager software and upload your own videos or choose from our standard content portfolio. Select a certified media designer to create customized content. Or make content yourself using the content requirements.
    OneSpace luminous ceiling video thumbnail

    OneSpace luminous ceiling "The ceiling becomes the light, the light becomes the ceiling"

    You asked us to re-think the ceiling, so we did. Now it’s a blank canvas awaiting your vision. Our revolutionary OneSpace luminous ceiling  is a modular panel that liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design so you’re free to pursue uncluttered minimalistic visions – and transform any interior into one cohesive space with beautiful homogeneous light.
    Philips configurable and high-quality lighting solutions - OneSpace

    OneSpace luminous ceiling

    Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling is an impressive high-quality lighting unit with an excellent uniform light distribution, which contributes strongly to the design and acoustics of the room. The result is a ceiling with an amazing light effect without seeing the actual light source.