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    Minimize waste
    and create instant savings

    Economic sustainability with circular economy elements

    Our highest level of managed service, Philips Circular lighting contributes to your corporate sustainability ambitions. We provide guaranteed lighting performance with regard to energy, light level and uptime, while owning the reuse, refurbishing or recycling loop to ensure you get maximum value from the lighting system.


    With a cradle-to-cradle mentality, we offer a sustainable service option allowing you to pay for the light you use, rather than an upfront investment in the materials. By minimizing materials waste and reducing the environmental impact, we create an ecosystem that extends the life of our lighting products and provides a better future for the next generation. 

    Philips energy-efficient LED systems - circular lighting for industry

    What Philips Circular lighting means for your business

    Long-term savings

    Reduce your energy and maintenance costs by up to 60% with higher returns on long-term contracts

    Hassle-free lighting

    We’ll handle everything for you, from lighting design to guaranteed performance

    No upfront investment

    Achieve instant annual savings


    20% more cost-effective upgradability and improved access to energy-efficient products


    12% more effective maintenance and serviceability

    Modular design

    for easy disassembly and recycling

    Support in managing end-of-life lighting installations

    with minimal environmental impact 

    If sustainability is a strategic topic at your company, then lighting should be one of your top priorities. Philips Circular lighting is a great way to minimize your environmental impact and achieve instant savings. 

    Philips Circular lighting success stories

    These companies have already implemented Philips Circular lighting to achieve instant savings and minimize their carbon footprint. 

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