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    OptiVision LED gen2

    OptiVision LED gen2 – a new era in smart area and recreational sports lighting

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    OptiVision LED gen2
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        Product family information

        The Philips OptiVision LED gen2 floodlighting system provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area and recreational sports lighting applications. The high-efficiency floodlights come with three or two LED light modules, which function with an external driver box – separate for use at a distance from the floodlight (BV), or pre-fixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB) for ease of installation and lower initial cost. They meet the highest performance standards, provide outstanding light quality, and ensure safety and visual comfort. OptiVision LED gen2 offers new possibilities to reduce energy consumption and increase flexibility (instant start, programmable lighting levels) when used in conjunction with Philips’ advanced system controls and sensors. The floodlights are also compatible with other external control systems via DALI protocol.


        Innovative floodlight with dedicated optics that ensure maximum optical efficiency and enable accurate light distribution with a minimum of spill light
        Advanced Philips system controls and sensors enable additional energy savings (up to 65%) in area lighting applications
        Minimized maintenance costs thanks to long-lasting LEDs and the luminaire's thermal management system, as well as its reliable IP66 driver box


        Precisely controlled light distribution – symmetrical and asymmetrical – limits light pollution
        Light can be dimmed/controlled according to actual need, significantly reducing energy costs
        Pre-programmed basic plug & play control solutions with integrated driver
        Fully controllable when combined with the latest lighting control systems to enable maximum energy savings
        Single-unit floodlight version (HGB) with integrated driver box for ease of installation and lower installation cost


        Logistics areas
        Parking areas
        Industrial areas
        Recreational sports pitch lighting
        Product family details
        Aiming possibilities from the horizontal
        • to °
        Aiming possibilities from the vertical
        • to °
        • Bracket:
        • Gear box:
        • Housing:
        • Reflector:
        Material other1
        • :
        Material other2
        • :
        • Driver box EVP500 is ordered together with floodlight (BVP515/525) either in pre-fitted (HGB) or separate (BV) version.
        • Floodlight and driver box are delivered inside the same packaging as a complete set. Driver box of BV version contains a suspension kit with its fixing parts, if needed.
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