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        Product family information

        The Kegel luminaire family represents a timeless lighting concept, with an installed base already in excess of one million pieces. The wide range of standard mix-and-match components enables luminaire shapes to be varied to suit the specific demands of the environment while retaining the technical heart of the lantern. This modularity, in combination with dedicated optics, ensures a highly efficient solution for many lighting applications. All this wrapped up in an extremely vandal-resistant package.As part of our ongoing product development program, the popular Kegel 2000 luminaire family is now available in an energy-efficient RETROLED version. Existing Kegel luminaires can easily be upgraded to LED by means of a special RETROLED kit.


        Timeless design for modern and classical environments
        Energy-saving LED solution – reduces carbon footprint
        Easy installation and maintenance
        Equipped with Service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information


        Standardized components allow mix-and-match
        Dimming, CLO and L-Tune options
        Solid luminaire construction
        Retrofit solution for installed base


        Traffic routes, parking areas
        Residential streets/areas, pedestrian paths/walkways, squares/parks and playgrounds, parking areas
        City centers: squares and parks, pedestrian and shopping areas, public transport, pedestrian paths/walkways, parking areas
        Product family details
        • BDS711 (Kegel LED 2000 version)
        • BDS712 (Kegel LED 2010 version)
        • BDS713 (Kegel LED 2016 version)
        • BDS714 (Kegel LED 2022 version)
        • BDS716 (Kegel LED 2060 version)
        • BDS717 (Kegel LED 2025 version)
        • BDS741 (Kegel LED 2003 version)
        • BDS742 (Kegel LED 2013 version)
        • BDS743 (Kegel LED 2019 version)
        • BDS744 (Kegel LED 2023 version)
        • BDS745 (Kegel LED 2029 version)
        • BDS746 (Kegel LED 2063 version)
        • BDS751 (Kegel LED 2005 version)
        • BDS752 (Kegel LED 2012 version)
        • BDS753 (Kegel LED 2018 version)
        • BDS754 (Kegel LED 2020 version)
        • BDS755 (Kegel LED 2027 version)
        • BDS756 (Kegel LED 2065 version)
        • BDS731 (Kegel LED 2030 version)
        Light source
        • Built-in LED-module
        • 10 to 75 W depending on tuning
        Luminous flux
        • 850 ot 9400 lm depending on tuning
        Luminaire efficacy
        • 85 ot 125 lm/W depending on tuning
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 3000 K (warm white)
        • 4000 K (neutral white)
        • 5700 K (cool white)
        Color Rendering Index
        • 75 (for 5700 K)
        • 80 (for 3000 and 4000 K)
        Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
        • Depends on tuning (L-tune software)
        Driver failure rate
        • 0,5‰ per 5000 hours
        Operating temperature range
        • -25 to +35 ºC
        • Integrated programmable LED driver
        Power/Data supply
        • Philips Xitanium
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        Inrush current (depends on driver version):
        • 40 W: 65 A / 100 µs
        • 75 W: 80 A / 150 µs
        • 100 W: 80 A / 150 µs
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