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    • HID-EXC for SOX

      EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
      EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
      EXC for SOX

      EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz

      Order code: 913700621666

      Full Product Code: 871150006242030


      Spec Sheet
      Size:533.7 kB

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    General Information
    Application Code
    Lamp Type
    Number of Lamps
    1 piece/unit
    Number of Products on MCB (16A Type B) (Nom)
    Automatic Restart
    Operating and Electrical
    Input Voltage
    220 to 240 V
    Input Frequency
    50 to 60 Hz
    Minimum Mains Voltage Operation (Min)
    180 V
    Operating Frequency (Nom)
    47 kHz
    Power Factor 100% Load (Nom)
    Ignition Voltage (Max)
    1.0 kV
    Ignition Voltage (Min)
    0.5 kV
    Ignition Switch-Off Time (Nom)
    0.08 min
    Mains Voltage Performance (AC)
    Mains Voltage Safety (AC)
    Earth Leakage Current (Nom)
    0.5 mA
    Output Peak Voltage (Max)
    1000 V
    Inrush Current Width
    0.15 ms
    Lamp Power Tolerance
    Input Current (Nom)
    0.26 A
    Inrush Current Peak (Max)
    40 A
    Cable Capacity Output Wires Mutual (Nom)
    1000 pF
    Cable Length From Device to Lamp
    10 m
    Wire Striplength
    8.0 mm
    Ballast Contact Wire Cross Section
    0.50-2.50 mm²
    Connector Type
    System characteristics
    Rated Ballast-Lamp Power
    55 W
    Rated Lamp Power on SOX
    55 W
    System Power on SOX
    57.5 W
    Lamp Power on SOX
    52.0 W
    Power Loss on SOX
    5.5 W
    T-Ambient (Max)
    50 °C
    T-Ambient (Min)
    -20 °C
    T-Storage (Max)
    80 °C
    T-Storage (Min)
    -40 °C
    T-Case Lifetime (Nom)
    75 °C
    T-Case Switch Off (Min)
    75 °C
    Mechanical and Housing
    L 280x39x28
    Approval and Application
    IP Classification Luminaire
    EMI 9 kHz ... 300 MHz
    CISPR 15 ed 7.1
    Safety Standard
    EN60928, 60926
    Quality Standard
    ISO 9000:2000
    Environmental Standard
    ISO 14001
    Harmonic Current Emission Standard
    EN 60555.2
    Vibration Standard
    IEC68-2-6 F c
    Bumps Standard
    IEC 68-2-29 Eb
    Humidity Standard
    IEC 928-13
    Approval Marks
    CE marking
    ENEC certificate
    CB Certificate
    Hum And Noise Level
    37 dB(A)
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
    EAN/UPC - Product
    Order code
    Numerator - Quantity Per Pack
    Numerator - Packs per outer box
    Material Nr. (12NC)
    Net Weight (Piece)
    0.275 kg
    Installation Diagrams
    EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
    EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
    EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz
    EXC 55 SOX 220-240V 50/60Hz

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