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        Product family information

        Philips LED T8 InstantFit Lamps are an ideal energy saving choice for existing linear fluorescent fixtures.


        Over 41% energy savings vs F32T8 electronic instant start systems (2)
        No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal.
        Emits virtually no UV rays or IR
        Glass-free for safer working conditions
        5 year limited warranty (3)
        (2) Lamp F32T8 Electronic Instant Start System with 0.88 Ballast Factor= 58 SystemWatts (2) Philips LED T8 InstantFit = 34 SystemWatts 58 - 34 = 24 SystemWatts Saved 24 / 58 = 41.4% Energy Saved
        (3) See warranty for terms and conditions.


        Instant on, no flicker or buzz
        Fits into existing linear fixtures
        Compatible with Instant Start ballasts (1) eliminating the need for rewiring and allows fixture to maintain original UL compliance.
        (1) Must follow guidelines for installation from Philips Quick Installation Guide included with lamp shipment.


        Full light output in spaces with temperatures down to -22˚F (-30˚C)
        Perfect for applications with frequent “on/off” switching cycles
        Buildings that desire to be mercury free

        Warning & Safety

        Philips LED T8 InstantFit lamps will only operate properly on compatible instant-start ballasts. Please referto the Philips LED T8 InstantFit Installation Guide, which can be obtained through your local Philips Sales Representative, or visit
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