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    LED Large A Shape

    Attractive and afforfable LED alternative to popular incandescent and CFL

    LED Large A Shape
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        Product family information

        Philips large A shape LED lamps are the smart alternative to standard incandescent. The unique lamp design provides omni-directional light with excellent dimming performance.


        Long life -- lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
        Excellent color consistancy with available high 90+ color rendering (CRI)
        Certain offerings feature a warm glow effect that provides an incandescent-like glow, while maintaining CRI throughout dimming range


        Huge energy savings versus incandescent and CFL
        25,000-hour rated average life
        Instant on
        Emits virtually noUV/IR light
        No mercury for a safe environment


        Residential & Assisted Living
        Software Plugins
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