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        Product family information

        SmartBright RC091V 2'x4' is an additional dimension in RC091V panel family which is satisfy the big size panel demand for GCGM country. Its valuable with longer lifetime for Edge-lit panel.


        1. Easy to maintains, thanks to 50k hours lifetime;
        2. More Bright and comfortable light.
        3. Flicker Free.


        48W, 4800lm, 100lm/W,4000k,6500k,CRI≥80,operating temperature:-10⁰C to +35⁰C ,lifetime:50K hrs @ L70 B50 @Ta 25C, 220-240V, 50/60Hz,PF 0.9,Class ll
        ,Surge protection:DM:1KV, CM:2KV
        ;595x1195x10(mm) (height exclude driver)


        Office, Meeting room, Hospital,Library

        Warning & Safety

        1、The luminaire shall be installed by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEE electrical regulations or the national requirements. 灯具应由有资格的电工安装,接线要符合IEE电气标准或国家标准。 2、Do not switch on before complete installation. 接线过程中,切勿通电。 3、Indoor use only. 灯具只用于室内。 5、The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced. 此灯具的光源是不可替换的;当光源到其寿终时,应替换整个灯具。 6、Luminaire must not be used or stored in corrosive environment where hazardous materials such as Sulphur, Chlorine, phthalates, etc, are present. 本灯具避免存储和使用在腐蚀性环境或者含有有害物质的环境中,例如硫化物,卤化物,邻苯二甲酸酯等。 7、 Luminaires not suitable for covering with thermally insulating material. 灯具不适宜被隔热材料覆盖
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