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Lighting up pride in the city

A metamorphosis has transformed Emmen into a beautifully
cohesive, inviting, and accessible city while preserving
its green and open character. The Emmen City Centre
Renovation Project has created a far more attractive place
for residents, visitors and businesses.

Revitalizing light in Szczecinek

The project to revitalize Freedom Square has given the city of Szczecinek’s central meeting place an image makeover. New lighting has improved comfort levels for residents and tourists, making the square a more attractive destination after dark.

A perfect fit for the Bordeaux area

Gradignan now has a state-of-the-art outdoor lighting solution that perfectly integrates with its historical ambience. Thanks to the success and positive feedback received, new light points will be installed during the course of 2018, enabling Gradignan to scale up the benefits they are already enjoying today.

Bègles leads the way in the region

The new public lighting installation in Bègles, France has become a leading example in the wider region of Bordeaux. Surrounding cities have now started upgrading their urban lighting to more energy efficient and comfortable LED lighting.