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    Philips Bielsko our core competences

    High quality stamping parts

    Precise tools and reliable equipment allow us producing of high quality stamping parts.

    We combine the punching technique with the bending and stamping process. This allows for complex finished parts - according to individual wishes our customers.
    Precision stamped metal details

    Special customer requirements


    We fulfil special customer requirements  stamping  precision parts with very complex shapes and tight tolerances.

    Material we use


    We work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and a variety of special alloys in thicknesses from a few hundredths to about two millimeters.

    Contact us

    For business enquiries, please contact the person  from Marketing , or New Business Department.


    Send Your enquires, call to:
    Marketing Department: +48 33 82 87 160
    New Business Department: +48 33 82 87 170, +48 33 82 87 175




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