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    Philips NatureDynamics 
    Increase yield through animal wellbeing

    We are the experts


    For more than a century, we’ve been at the vanguard of lighting for humans. And in that time, we’ve become experts in creating state-of-the-art, top quality light ideally-tuned to the human eye. Now, we’re using our vast knowledge to go a step further – to support barn animals and the farmers who raise them. NatureDynamics unlocks the extraordinary potential of light by adjusting and adapting light wavelengths that positively influence the comfort and health of animals and, in the process, we’re helping farmers to create healthier, tastier and safer food for people. 


    We have the solution


    The NatureDynamics system has been developed in close cooperation with farmers, stable builders and knowledge institutes to be a future-proof lighting system, one that can be continually adapted as we discover new biologic insights into how light wavelengths impact animal well-being. And thanks to our connected system, users can easily purchase performance updates to their light settings remotely.




    Farmers feed the world and we want to help them do that, today and in the future. Your barn will benefit now from superior lighting and you’ll be able to easily adapt your system in the future as our knowledge evolves and we discover new, beneficial light recipes that help you get the most from your livestock.




    The world’s population is booming with approximately 200,000 people added every day. How can farmers sustainably meet a growing demand for animal-based protein? One key way is to create a habitat that’s ideally suited to its animal occupants while also reducing energy use. The NatureDynamics system employs specific wavelengths that affect animal wellbeing which, in turn, helps to reduce early mortality rates and feed spillage.




    The NatureDynamics system can enhance your farm’s profitability by improving the animal growing process. Our light recipes create more relaxed, less aggressive and healthier animals that spill less feed and need fewer vitamins and antibiotics. And healthier animals can directly translate into an increase in market prices.

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