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    GreenPower LED Production module portfolio

    With 22 new types of GreenPower LED production modules, the applicational possibilities have been greatly increased and the portfolio is complete. We now have the ultimate flexibility in applying light recipes to achieve the most efficient production.

    The new Low Output versions allow lower light levels to be used and will eventually mean that the distance between layers can be reduced. In the Deep Red/Blue (DR/B) spectral range, Medium Blue and High Blue (MB and HB) versions with different percentages of blue have been added to the existing Low Blue (LB) version. These can be used to steer the color and compactness of the plant.


    If visual evaluation of the plants is important, growers can choose the Deep Red/White (DR/W) version. The excellent color rendering of the white LEDs make it easy to monitor the color of plants.


    In some cases monocolor modules can be used or added to optimize the growth results. For instance, the monocolor blue is applied in the layered cultivation of red colored crops. Adding Far Red (FR) can influence the rooting, flowering moment, and extension of the plant. A final addition to the portfolio is the dark red/blue/far red (DR/B/FR) version with different percentages of far red. There are now four versions with increasing percentages of far red. Two of these were already in the standard portfolio and two - with high percentages of far red - are now available upon request.


    Each plant reacts differently to light and the examples mentioned above are just a few of the many ways that colored light can influence plants. For more information about specific applications our plant specialists can help you find the right light recipe for your crop. Contact your Philips representative for advice about light recipes.


    The table below provides an overview of the new modules. More information about the entire product range can be found in the commercial leaflet.

    Overview of the complete GreenPower LED Production module portfolio; New types in Bold


    Deep Red/Blue – DR/B

    GP LED production DR/B 120 LB
    9290 009 08806
    GP LED production DR/B 120 LB LO
    9290 009 09006
    GP LED production DR/B 150 LB
    9290 009 08906
    GP LED production DR/B 150 LB LO
    9290 009 10006
    GP LED production DR/B 120 MB
    9290 009 43106
    GP LED production DR/B 120 MB LO
    9290 009 43506
    GP LED production DR/B 150 MB
    9290 009 43206
    GP LED production DR/B 150 MB LO
    9290 009 43606
    GP LED production DR/B 120 HB
    9290 009 43306
    GP LED production DR/B 120 HB LO
    9290 009 09806
    GP LED production DR/B 150 HB
    9290 009 43406
    GP LED production DR/B 150 HB LO
    9290 009 09906
    Deep Red/Blue/Far Red (when far red is required) DR/B/FR
    GP LED production DR/B/FR 120 LB
    9290 009 09106
    GP LED production DR/B/FR 150 LB
    9290 009 09206
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_2 120 MB
    9290 009 10106
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_2 150 MB
    9290 009 09306
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_3 120 MB*
    9290 009 43706
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_3 150 MB*
    9290 009 43806
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_4 120 HB*
    9290 009 43906
    GP LED production DR/B/FR_4 150 HB*
    9290 009 44006
    Deep Red/White (if work light is needed) – DR/W
    GP LED production DR/W 120 LB
    9290 009 09506
    GP LED production DR/W 120 LB LO
    9290 009 09406
    GP LED production DR/W 150 LB
    9290 009 09606
    GP LED production DR/W 150 LB LO
    9290 009 10206
    Deep Red/White/Far Red – DR/W/FR
    GP LED production DR/W/FR 120 LB
    9290 009 09706
    GP LED production DR/W/FR 150 LB
    9290 009 10306
    GP LED production DR 120
    9290 009 44106
    GP LED production DR 150
    9290 009 44206
    GP LED production FR 120
    9290 009 44306
    GP LED production FR 150
    9290 009 44406
    GP LED production B 120 LO
    9290 009 44506
    GP LED production B 150 LO
    9290 009 44606
    GP LED prod module female connector
    9290 009 70106
    GP LED Cabletree production module
    9290 009 93006
    *) Engineered to order, available upon request if order >2000 pcs

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