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    Lots of familiar faces at the Benelux Partner Day

    The Benelux Partner Day on 14 October 2015 was a chance to meet Horti LED partners and exchange ideas and findings. It was an important day to update each other on the latest developments in the horticultural market and discuss a variety of interesting subjects.
    Philips GrowWise Center

    Many things made this an interesting and fruitful Benelux Partner Day. A significant number of people from different partners enthusiastically participated in the event. The atmosphere was open and constructive, providing a great chance to connect with a large part of our network in Europe.


    The participants received an extensive update on new products and tools, as well as our commercial process for closing a deal. During the break, there was a tour of Philips GrowWise Center, the brand new City Farm at the High Tech Campus. 

    The Philips Global MarCom team gave a presentation about their key activities. One thing was clear: both Philips and its partners can strengthen each other by leveraging each other’s communication channels. For example, did you know that linked companies end up higher in Google searches?


    This “day of cooperation” gave the partners and the Philips Horti team a good view of what is happening in the market and insight into the latest product updates. It also showed that cooperating closely with each other – Philips Horti and its partners and partners with other partners – can have a big impact and strengthen our market approach in as a whole.



    In a few weeks our new Horti LED Partner Finder will go live, which will make it even easier for potential customers to find our Horti LED Partners, so keep an eye on our website!


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