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    Boosting our off- and online presence, together

    Working together means making each other stronger than we are on our own. That goes for the collaboration between Philips Horti and Horti LED Partners that results in successfully selling and realizing projects. It also goes for our communication.


    This article highlights how we can strengthen each other via our websites and trade shows. So we can make the most of our partnership. At Philips, for example, we can provide advice about websites, how to use our logos, applying photos and videos and creating a “presence” at trade shows.

    Below you will find a list of what the communication team at Philips LED Horticulture can do to support your off- en online communication. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us in the coming months to make a short analysis of our online content and how we can (or cannot) use our websites to strengthen our partnership. Did you know for instance that just mentioning each other’s names on our respective website can significantly improve the search results in Google for both parties? You can download or request a variety of materials via your Philips Horti Key Account Manager that can give your website a big boost.

    Online (website)

    Mention each other’s names on each other’s websites, like we have done in the partner section of our website. You can mention our name and the name of one of the projects that you have been involved in and include one of the following items:


    • Logos (Philips wordmark and Philips LED Horti Partner logo)
      The examples you can see on this page. These logos in full resolution are available and can be requested from the MarCom team, via your Philips Horti Key Account Manager.
    • Project photos
      In many cases, photos from the different projects can be downloaded. Photos have a strong appeal and often keep people on your website longer.
    • Product photos
      Nothing works like a photo of our modules to give people a better idea of what they are actually getting. They create a more professional and trustworthy image of your website. You can request these from your Key Account Manager.
    • Product leaflets (digital)
      Just like product photos, our leaflets provide a good picture of what the products can do and how they can be used. Of course, a leaflet will never take the place of a face-to-face conversation, but most potential customers find them very useful on a website when they are doing initial research. You will find the latest commercial leaflets here:


    Offline (Events)


    Case studies (print)
    We have made complete case studies for many of the projects we have done together. If needed, you can also request printed versions of these cases. You can distribute them at trade shows or use them to explain more about a specific project or product.


    Roll-up banners

    To make it easier to illustrate our partnership, a number of different “roll-up banners” are available for each region. The banners available vary per region. They can provide a nice enhancement to your trade show stand.


    Product leaflets (print)
    Like the case studies, you can order printed versions of the commercial leaflets to hand out at trade shows.


    We hope that we have inspired you to make the most of the materials we have available to make us both stronger.


    To request materials that are not available via our website, contact your Philips Key Account Manager.

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