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    Dutch city farms are growing fresh ideas

    City farming is rapidly developing new innovations for growing crops indoors without daylight. Philips plays a key role in this field. If you want to gain a better understanding of a city farm or have a serious customer who wants to find out more, plan a visit to a Dutch city farm.
    Philips GrowWise Center

    Philips GrowWise Center


    We are developing the perfect blueprint for city farming production at our new GrowWise Center on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. GrowWise stands for a smarter, more sustainable way of growing vegetables for urban populations. It opened its doors on 6 July 2015 on the third floor of Building 7 (HTC7). This is the largest private research facility of its kind with a total growing surface of 234 square meters. Philips researchers are trialing a variety of crops under different lighting and climate conditions. The latest versions of Philips GreenPower production and research modules are installed here.


    Find out more about Philips GrowWise Center here  

    BrightBox center of expertise

    BrightBox center of expertise


    BrightBox is a center of expertise devoted to finding more efficient and sustainable ways of growing plants and feeding our planet using indoor city farming facilities. It is an open innovation initiative driven by four partners: Botany, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Philips Lighting, and the Province of Limburg. Small-scale research projects and larger scale production trials can be carried out at BrightBox in a cost-effective manner. It provides everything you need to investigate the facets that determine the optimal growth of a plant. From different types of substrates and colors of light to CO2 dosage, temperature and other climate factors. 

    During your visit to BrightBox, you can tour the climate-controlled rooms and production areas, learn more about the various research projects and technologies, and find out what questions BrightBox can answer for you. See the latest generation of Philips GreenPower Production Modules in use. You can also meet with a specialist from Botany, Philips Lighting, or HAS University of Applied Sciences to discuss your specific technical or botanical challenges. Feel free to bring potential customers, investors, and other partners interested in a city farm project. You can request a leaflet with prices from your Philips representative.
    Plan a visit to BrightBox

    Plan a visit to BrightBox


    To plan a visit to BrightBox, please contact Marjolein de Bruin. Let her know who will be accompanying you, the purpose of your visit and when you would like to visit. She will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to arrange your visit.


    Visit the BrightBox website for more information


    If you’d like to read the case study first, click here

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