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    Philips Greenpower LED

    Sleek LED lighting for growing top-shelf flowers

    Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting

    The Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting is specifically designed for cultivators growing on benches or tiered racking. The grow light is an ideal solution for commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and smaller grow operations.


    With its six light bars, the fixture is optimized to cover a 4x4 ft area, providing flawless canopy light uniformity, to steer uniform bud development and grow more top-shelf flowers. The results: consistent harvest schedule, shorter crop cycles than with HPS and more predictable production. The GreenPower LED gridlighting enables excellent yields with consistent cannabinoid values.


    It’s easy to deploy, with its adjustable cable mounting, ensuring plug-and-play installation from grow tent to commercial vertical racking applications.


    "Philips horticulture LED lighting products are available for purchase through our certified horti LED partners and dealers by licensed cultivators in territories in which  cannabis and/or hemp cultivation is legal."

    Key benefits

    Enables excellent yields with consistent cannabinoid values.
    Easy plug-and-play installation.
    Offers 0-10 Volt dimming pre-sets to support plant growth through every phase.
    Sturdy, low-profile design for top performance.

    Preliminary specifications

    Voltage input
    120 – 277 V
    Power consumption
    640 W
    Light output
    1700 µmol/s
    2.7 µmol/J
    Ingress Protection
    Rated average lifetime*
    36.000 hrs

     *All measured lifetimes are industry standard measurements indicating average length of operation and not a performance claim specific to any individual product.


    Technical specifications


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