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    Grow with Philips key account manager Gao Song

    Mr. Gao Song, Philips Horticulture account manager for South China, has deep professional experience in horticulture. As an undergraduate, he studied at the College of Horticulture and Forestry at Huazhong Agricultural University and received his master's degree from the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland, where he concentrated on plant production and plant physiology. Gao Song systematically studied the relationship between lighting and plants and the principles that govern this interaction. Through intensive study and a wealth of practical experience, Gao Song had become fully aware of the necessity of combining theory and practice to maximize the value of knowledge. Following this concept, after graduation in Finland, Gao Song decided to return to China to convert his learnings, observations, and thoughts into practical applications that could promote Chinese horticultural production.

    An interest in horticultural lighting, a career at Philips Horticulture

    An interest in horticultural lighting, a career at Philips Horticulture


    According to Gao Song, “Philips Lighting’s continuous innovation in horticultural LED lighting is revolutionizing the production methods of Chinese growers”, and he wanted to personally experience the revolution and contribute to it himself. As chance would have it, after Gao Song returned to China in 2011, Gao Song officially joined the Philips Horticulture team in China as a plant specialist.

    Philips Horticulture advocates an 'iron triangle' working approach. Key account managers, plant specialists and application engineers carry out their responsibility in cooperation and in close contact with customers. In this process, the key account manager is responsible for communicating with the customer and he will act as a bridge between the customers and the Philips Horticulture team. 
    Grow with Philips key account manager Gao Song

    From plant specialist to key account manager

    As part of their job, plant specialists visit many customers. As Gao Song visited more and more customers and gained experience, he came to realize that creating custom business plans for customers was an extremely important aspect of Philips Horticulture. This not only involves promoting plant growth and satisfying customers' production needs, but also evaluating business feasibility so that lighting solutions can be smoothly implemented. Gao Song found that he could communicate with customers in the “language of plants”. He enjoyed interacting and exchanging information with people in order to truly solve their problems and help them succeed.
    From plant specialist to key account manager
    At the beginning of 2014, with over 2 years of experience as a plant specialist, Gao Song officially started working as an account manager. As a key account manager with a professional background in horticulture, he was able to talk more professionally with customers and understand them better.
    Gao Song
    Facing challenges and growing with customers

    Facing challenges and growing with customers

    “During my time as a key account manager, the thing that made me proudest was my work on a scientific research project in Chengdu. We made many breakthroughs in analyzing the growers’ needs, product selection, and the application method. The crops included large tomatoes, rice, wheat, and other plants with high light requirements. Moreover, the plant growth cycle was from seedling to flowering and fruiting. After several modifications to the proposed solution, we decided on a dual-level, high light intensity cultivation system, which doubled the space that the customer could use," said Gao Song. Using the Philips Horticulture LED solution, they could grow any plant they needed using their existing cultivation system. 
    Hopes for the future

    Hopes for the future

    “I am very proud of my work. As I mentioned earlier, Philips Horticulture provides more than just products and solutions. We also allow customers to use these technologies to create all-new plant production methods, leading to a revolution in horticultural production. I am very happy to be a part of this and I hope to share the benefits of this revolution with more and more customers," Gao Song said.
    Gao Song

    Full of confidence, Gao Song believes that in the near future, horticultural LED lighting applications will continue to emerge in even greater quantities and on even larger scales. These applications will drive an increase in horticultural production efficiency. Philips Horticulture will also continue to innovate, to bring the benefits of new LED technologies and new lighting products to growers.


    Gao Song

    Key account manager

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