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    Philips automotive products offer the business solutions you need to satisfy your customers. The online product catalog contains a representative portfolio. It is, therefore, possible that some products are not available in your country. For more information, please check your location

    Spare Kits

    24V MasterDuty spare kits keep your vehicles rolling while minimizing downtime. Truck, bus and heavy-duty vehicle drivers need to be ready to change lamps and Philips has designed spare kits to meet your lighting solution needs while on the road.

    24V MasterDuty Minikit

    24 MasterDuty Minikit
    Minikit available in H4, H7

    24V MasterDuty Maxikit

    24V MasterDuty Minikit
    Maxikit available in H4, H7 and H1/H7
    Compare the Mini- and the Maxikit

    Truck tools


    Philips Automotive offers you professional tools and services to provide you with maximum satisfaction.