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Technology didn't spell the end of bricks and mortar, in fact, it's transforming experiences in-store.

Not long ago, many in retail thought the digital revolution might mean the end of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. After all, it’s so easy to make an online purchase.


But what of the actual customer experience? Shopping on a website or app just isn’t the same as exploring the aisles.


Thanks to collaboration between visionaries in retail and Philips Lighting’s remarkable luminaries, store owners have been embracing technology and using it to make the experience of visiting a shop more seamless and enjoyable than ever. Indeed, in some stores, it’s not easy to see where the physical experience ends and the digital experience begins.

transforming retail experiences

Technology didn't spell the end of bricks and mortar, in fact, it's transforming experiences in-store.

As a visionary, you’ll almost certainly have big ambitions and an idea of where you think retail needs to go in the next ten to ­fifteen years. And we understand the huge role that lighting – particularly connected lighting – can play in helping you improve your customer’s experience.


It’s all about matching your brilliant ideas with the expertise of some of lighting’s most experienced minds. From wise old hands to wunderkinds, think of them as the orchestra to your Mozart, or the NASA to your Neil Armstrong.


Connect with your customers via their smartphones, using indoor positioning. Gather insights that you can use to improve your visitors’ experience. At the same time, change the ambience of your store and cut down on your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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So what can we achieve together?

As one of our favourite luminaries, Parik Chopra, says, ‘the retail environment is changing, from a place where we buy to a place where we spend time – a third home’.


This means your store should feel like home.


Meanwhile, sustainability matters hugely to more and more customers. They expect brands to have a real sense of corporate responsibility. This doesn’t just mean saving on energy, but also rethinking our supply chains and localizing them to match new and greener expectations.

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Think of the idea and we'll help make it happen


Luminaries can bring to life the ideas that only visionaries can conjure up.


We’re looking forward to seeing what those ideas are, and what we can do to help. So we invite you to come to us with your most inspirational ways of cutting costs, increasing productivity, improving sustainability, enhancing omnichannel shopping, probing into analytics and, of course, creating brilliant experiences for every one of your customers.


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