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    What is co-creation and how
    does it work for smart cities?

    Innovation through co-creation  

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    Bringing different perspectives together to improve our cities

    Innovating for the future should always prioritize the needs and desires of the end-users. This can be achieved through co-creation: teaming up with all relevant parties, making the most of combined perspectives, knowledge and experience. 


    The core principal is all about giving a clear voice to our customers, end-users and other stakeholders throughout the development process to create truly successful smart cities.


    Citizens, businesses and municipal leaders working alongside academics - all have a role to play in exploring what processes and technologies can help achieve the desired future scenarios for the city. 


    In this short film, Maarten Pieters, Head of Co-creation and People Insight at Philips Lighting, explores how co-creation at each stage of an innovation project provides ongoing learning and insight, inspiring continual improvement and development. 

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    Maarten Pieters

    Co-creation is the most effective way to close the gap between what we assume are good ideas, and what our customers think are great ideas.” 


    Maarten Pieters,

    Head of Co-creation & People Insight, Philips Lighting

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    How can smart cities benefit from using co-creation in future projects?

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