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    Transforming bridges into artwork

    City revitalization through light

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    Bridges become smart infrastructures

    By illuminating bridges with LED lighting with remote programming and management, cities can forge unique identities and strengthen their brand by creating memorable visual experiences that engage citizens and tourists. By harnessing the power of IoT, bridges can facilitate citizen interaction.
    To commemorate both Montreal’s 375th anniversary and Canada’s 150th anniversary, Philips Lighting transformed the Jacques Cartier Bridge into a living art installation featuring light shows powered by a variety of data sources, including weather, traffic, news, and social media. The bridge is one of the world’s first smart infrastructures that is networked and interactive, with luminous displays driven by social media and smart city data.
    montreal bridge
    Harahan Bridge

    The Harahan Bridge in Memphis, Tennessee and the adjoining Big River Crossing also received a connected lighting installation by Philips Lighting. Spanning nearly a mile over the Mississippi River, the bridge and adjoining pedestrian walkway is a source of pride for the region. With spectacular light shows and stunning dynamic effects, the bridge has rejuvenated the waterfront area and is a center of activity for both visitors and the local community.

    It's beyond lighting, it gives the city its identity, its branding, it makes people want to connect and feel proud of their city.” 


    Angelo Miceli,

    Head, Public Sector, Philips Lighting Canada

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      A source of pride in San Francisco

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