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    Jakarta undergoes a smart city transformation

    Embracing connected technology

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    Connected lighting joins an existing smart city platform

    The lighting project, a significant milestone in Jakarta’s ongoing transformation into a smart city, involved upgrading nearly 90,000 street luminaires with energy efficient LED lights connected to a Philips CityTouch lighting management system. Completed in just seven months, with approximately 430 light points connected each day, this is the world’s fastest street lighting retrofit and remote management project undertaken to date.


    Each light point is connected and performance data sent through eisting cellular networks to the city's lighting office or operator. The data will enable city officials to efficiently monitor the city's lighting infrastructure and illumination levels to match the needs of each district.

    Jakarta embraces smart city technology

    Our aim is to turn Jakarta into a smart city where everything is connected to enable our citizens to live safely and more comfortably in a city that is beautiful day and night.”


    DKI Jakarta Government Office.

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