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    The Bay Lights in
    San Francisco

    An iconic light sculpture

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    Meant to be temporary, the Bay Lights are here to stay

    In 2011, the non-profit arts organization, ILLUMINATE, collaborated with the California Department of Transportation, and artist Leo Villareal to create a stunning display of light on the San Francisco -Oakland Bay Bridge. Unveiled in 2013 and originally intended as a short-term installation, The Bay Lights became a global attraction. Before going live, it was dubbed by Hemispheres magazine as “the number one thing to see in the world during 2013.”


    The new system incorporates Philips ActiveSite, a cloud-based connected lighting platform that allows for efficient management with benefits including remote diagnostics, reporting, and more.

    San Fransisco bay bridge

    An energy-efficient work of art that makes The Bay Bridge a true beacon of the San Francisco Bay Area.” 


    Saeed Shahmirzai,

    Zoon Engineering, the Bay Bridge MEP Integrator

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    Download the case study to learn more about this smart city initiative.

    Download the case study to learn more about this smart city initiative.



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