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    Smart city solutions that work

    Smart cities is a vision of the future, but it's also a reality today. Philips Lighting supports smart city initatives with the world's most complete portfolio of LED luminaires, controls, software management platforms, apps and services.


    Philips Lighting has successfully deployed smart city solutions in municipalities around the world. These range from modest lighting installations in places, such as Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Siegburg, Germany, to large-scale retrofits in global cities, such as Los Angeles, which is intelligently managing over 100,000 street lights with Philips CityTouch.


    Philips Lighting has the technology, financing, services, and partnerships to make your smart city vision a reality. Be inpsired by the case studies on these pages and learn more about how Philips Lighting has already helped municipalities around the world make their cities safer, more efficient, more sustainable, and ultimately, more liveable.

    More smart cities initiatives around the world

    • LA smart sensors: unlocking value

      LA smart sensors: unlocking value

      Philips Lighting and the City of Los Angeles are exploring new smart city applications that build on the CityTouch connected lighting systems.

    • Buenos Aires: a scalable approach

      Buenos Aires: a scalable approach

      The combination of the Philips CityTouch system and the SAP HANA platform, makes Buenos Aires a safer, more sustainable, and energy-efficient city.

    • The digital real estate for the IoT

      The digital real estate for the IoT

      Learn how smart poles improve mobile performance, reduce maintenance costs, and make streets brighter and safer

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