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    Cities adopt LED for a more sustainable future

    The Climate Group report

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    LED adoption plus smart city innovations drive city growth


    Together with Philips Lighting, the Climate Group has been holding LED consultations in cities around the world to illustrate the benefits of switching to LED streetlighting and to accelerate adoption scale-up. With global population predicted to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, cities will play a critical role in driving emissions reduction and technological innovaton.


    LED adoption stimulates wider infrastructure renovation, incuding the growth of smart city innovations, technology based on a connected, secure lighting system with a wide array of citizen-to-citizen data-based products and services.


    This new report supports the Climate Group's call to action for cities and global stakeholders to switch to LED street lighting by 2025.

    In the report:


    • The city-wide benefits of switching to LED streelighting
    • The importance of infrastructure upgrades to support smart technology
    • An illustration of how cities are financing a switch to LED and risk mitigation

    About the Climate Group

    The Climate Group is an international non-profit that works with leading businesses, states and regions to deliver a world of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and greater prosperity for all. 


    Their focus is on collaborative programs with corporate and government partners that deliver impact on a global scale. 


    Not only bringing companies, states and regions together to develop and implement the policies that make change happen, the Climate Group further communicates their achievements to secure global public acceptance and increased motivation towards a prosperous, net-zero future for everyone.



    Learn more about driving energy efficiency by downloading the full report.



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