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    Dynamic LED lighting:
    an impact study

    Smart city development

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    Analyzing the impact of four unique lighting installations


    Many cities, and private and public organizations, are using dynamic LED lighting in new and unique ways. These lighting installations serve much more than a utilitarian purpose of providing light. In many cases, they can affect the future of cities by sparking increased tourism, economic development, community pride, and neighborhood revitalization.


    Philips Lighting commissioned the independent research firm Boyette Strategic Advisors to conduct an impact analysis of four diverse lighting installations across the United States. The installations featured in this study differed in scale, type, location, and budget. Both quantitative and qualitative information was used to develop the full report.

    At a glance:


    • What is the economic impact of artistic lighting displays on cities?
    • The importance of aesthetics when determining an urban lighting plan
    • Why cities should consider ambient lighting to bring value beyond illumination

    This is a project that our citizens can be proud of, I trust it will be another draw for tourism and economic development to our great city."


    Mark Stodola

    Mayor, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA



    Learn about what the impact of each unique project is.



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