General LED lighting facts

  • LED lighting does not contain mercury.
  • All white LEDs emit certain level of blue light, which is still only a tiny fraction of natural daylight
  • General exposure to blue light is at least 1,000 times greater outside during summer days
  • Looking straight into the sun for 1sec will have an effect on your eyes, for the similar effect you will have to stare at LED lighting (4000K) for 30min from a short distance
  • Blue light hazard is classified into 4 risk groups: 0, 1, 2, 3 (0= low; 3= high), the sun falls into group 2. Well-tuned LED lighting belongs in category 0.
  • Visible flicker is known for potentially causing epileptic seizures where as non-visible flicker will not
  • Visible strobe is believed to cause eyestrain/discomfort, headache, and reduced visual performance where as non-visible strobe is believed not to
  • Glare can generally be put in 3 categories when assessing its influence on people: blinding, disability, discomfort. 

(LED) lighting Benefits

  • (LED) Lighting can support one’s visual, psychological and biological values
         - Scientific studies indicate that tailored indoor illumination applications are linked to enhanced vision, performance and wellbeing.   
  • Organizations that implement (LED) lighting in office spaces and work areas have recognized an increase in employee effectivity, workplace satisfaction, and visual comfort
  • When (LED) lighting is applied in a learning environment, research suggests that concentration of children goes up to 20%, literacy skills are improved, and fidgeting is reduced.
  • (LED) Lighting can boost our mood and positively impact our behavior
  • (LED) Lighting can contribute to a healthy circadian rhythm
  • Blue light helps children and adolescents feel more awake in the mornings
  • Blue light also helps with enhancing one’s concentration ability
  • Dimmed (LED) lighting can enhance creative thinking
  • (LED) lighting has been associated with decreased levels of stress and anxiety in indoor environments