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    Lighting that is
    a winner for

    Vadmyra sports club, Bergen,


    Located in Bergen, Norway, Vadmyra is a popular local sports club with over 450 members, offering a variety of sporting and other activities. Vadmyra is very conscious about the environment and always aims to apply the most sustainable solutions available in the market.
    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    Once we won the job of
    supplying lights for 

    the soccer pitch at Vadmyra, we then had to find a good control system. That’s where Philips came in with PerfectPlay, which met all our requirements."


    Geir Noss, Division Manager, BKK Enotek

    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    Customer Challenge

    The old high-pressure sodium lighting at Vadmyra was due for replacement. As they could only be either fully on or fully off; there was no possibility to dim; the lights were frequently on throughout the entire evening using up a lot of energy. Consequently, the club was looking for a more flexible as well as sustainable solution that could be used on the field.
    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    The right lighting 

    The soccer pitch at the Vadmyra sports ground in Bergen, Norway is now equipped with the innovative sports lighting system PerfectPlay. This new LED system has replaced the old conventional lighting, providing better visibility and conditions for training and matches, and higher light levels on the field. Moreover, the system provides a user-friendly and flexible control system enabling Vadmyra to adjust lighting settings by the push of a button, even remotely.

    One of the advantages of this intelligent sports lighting system is its enormous potential to reduce energy and other overhead costs. At the same time, it improves lighting quality on the pitch and and light settings can be easily adjusted depending on the activity taking place on the field. PerfectPlay also gives reliable, efficient lighting with very low maintenance requirements.

    Not only the sports facility benefits, but its neighbours too, because the system’s fully controlled light distribution reduces light overspill and light pollution.

    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    The right amount and quality of light

    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    Easy control over the lighting in the field

    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires

    Increased operational and energy efficiency

    Vadmyra sports club with Philips Lighting luminaires



    PerfectPlay is a flexible sport lighting system for outdoor and indoor sports facilities that makes creating a great player experience simple.


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    The right amount and quality of light all the time

    The team

    Sports club, Vadmyra


    BKK Enotek


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