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    How LED lighting

    scores extra points

    AHC IJburg,
    The Netherlands

    OptiVision LED offers maximum possibilities for energy savings and light control.
    Hockeyclub met LED-sportverlichting


    with a considerable reduction in power consumption"


    - Evert Jan de Vries, Secretary, AHC IJburg

    OptiVision LED offers maximum possibilities for energy savings and light control
    Enjoy playing hockey without wasting energy with OptiVision LED sports lighting

    The customer challenge


    For the new fields, AHC IJburg wanted the best lighting, but as durable as possible. The owner of the sports park, the municipality of Amsterdam, was convinced by the installer that Philips OptiVision LED was the best lighting solution. Proof was provided by means of a pilot. The OptiVision was shown to be not only very energy-efficient, but it also offers many other advantages...

    The benefits of LED lighting in the sport field: AHC Ijburg

    The right lighting 


    Many club members were afraid, namely, that they would be bothered by the bright light or even that they would no longer see the ball. However, the opposite was true. Reactions from club members include the statements: "You see the ball much better. There are fewer shadowy spots. Great light!" The choice for environment-friendly lighting is also appreciated. One extra advantage is that you can turn the light on and off quickly, in addition the light can even be dimmed. According to the installer, Oostendorp Nederland, the players will hardly notice the difference if one of the modules unexpectedly fails. This is due to the unique optical multilayer system, in which every single LED delivers the full lighting distribution, allowing perfect lighting uniformity during the system lifetime. And in the rare event that a failure happens, the problem can be solved the same day. That’s because  only the module, and not the whole luminaire, needs to be replaced. "Whereas you previously replaced a bulb, we can now quickly replace a module. This means that the maintenance costs are many times lower than before."


    Do you know what LED lighting can mean to your club?

    The benefits of LED lighting in the sport field

    50% energy savings
    lighting can be installed directly
    less wasted light
    lighting as needed
    minimized maintenance
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