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    A conference room that

    gets people talking


    Crédit Agricole, Caen, France


    Discover how this retail banking group is creating a glowing reputation with conference room lighting.

    Luminous textile Crédit Agricole

    We wanted this room to
    affect the

    mood, to be delightful and to be remembered, and also to create some sort of attraction. And secondly, for renting out, these panels enable personalization of the room, which benefits the people that we are expecting to host. Luminous textile is the icing on the cake, the masterpiece in this building."
    Overview of the conference room decorated with Philips luminous textile panels
    Colourful patterns displayed at the luminous textile panels at Crédit Agricole, France

    Customer challenge


    Crédit Agricole, the largest retail bank in France, wanted to show that money isn’t the only thing that’s green. Repositioning itself as a local bank at the forefront of innovation that cares about conservation, the company sought an eco-friendly theme for its new conference room.

    Colourful patterns displayed at the luminous textile panels at Crédit Agricole, France

    The right lighting


    Crédit Agricole wanted a conference room that would get people talking. Not only that, but it had to promote well-being for visitors and customers that would hire the space. In addition, the atmosphere needed to promote a green ethic – a wall of plants was considered, but this raised concerns about maintenance costs.


    We provided the ideal solution. We installed 14 luminous textile panels around the room, which could be used to display dynamic content. These panels were fitted with dark edges to provide contrast, and then delivered to the room ready for installation. They were placed in recesses around the room in groups of 2 or 3, and connected together to produce single-screen effects across a 360 degree visual field.


    The new fixtures have brought the room to life, while meeting the bank’s energy target with a maximum consumption of 60 W per square meter. What’s more, the dynamic content displayed on the panels can be altered to fit the needs of customers hiring the room, adding greater value to the venue. Crédit Agricole also worked with our creative team to integrate the bank’s logo into the visual displays, so it can be seen passers-by. The room looks great, thrills customers, and enhances the bank’s reputation.


    The dynamic ambience created by the luminous textiles is visible from a major road that runs by the bank, showing Crédit Agricole’s green credentials to countless passers-by.

    Luminous Textile

    Walls that glow bright with color and light

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