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    Sustainable spotlights

    for every work of art

    Utrecht Centraal Museum,
    Utrecht, the Netherlands


    New and improved Centraal Museum sets a precedent with StyliD PerfectBeam spotlight from Philips.

    Utrecht Centraal Museum-StyliD PerfectBeam application-Philips Lighting-2

    This lighting

    that the collection is shown to its very best advantage”

    – Liesbeth Helmus, curator at Centraal Museum

    Utrecht Centraal Museum-StyliD PerfectBeam application-Philips Lighting-3

    Customer Challenge


    At Centraal Museum, the atmosphere is considered just as important as a well-lit collection. And on top of that, the owners were also looking for a sustainable solution which is line with their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    Utrecht Centraal Museum-StyliD PerfectBeam application-Philips Lighting-4

    The right lighting


    The solution, the Philips StyliD PerfectBeam made it possible for the museum not only to pick exactly the right color temperature for their needs, but the spotlight also offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of beam freedom, thanks to an extremely easy-to-use zoom mechanism (7 to 43 degrees) in combination with swappable lenses. This makes PerfectBeam ideal for temporary exhibitions and any future changes in the collection, allowing the museum to rest assured that it will always have access to the best lighting. Not only is it pleasant for the visitors, but it also ensures that the collection is shown to its very best advantage.

    This museum spotlight also allows the museum to save up to 80% on energy consumption compared to halogen lighting. This saving is in line with the museum’s environmental policies– its Golden Green Key Certificate already shows that corporate social responsibility is a top priority. "We wanted the lighting to be not just the most beautiful option, but the most sustainable solution as well," says Marco Grob, director of Central Museum. "I think we managed wonderfully."

    The collection is shown,

    to its very best

    The team

    Utrecht Centraal Museum



    Lighting design

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